Qigong Basics with Matt Branstetter

Mondays 6:00-7:15 PM
$12 per class

       To the outsider Tai chi often looks like a gentle, calming, effortless motion. Though this is true, these seemingly gentle movements reach down into the deepest, most powerful structures of our body. These classes will introduce the concept of linking to and moving from these deep core structures allowing us to move with the power of our whole being. No prior experience needed.
Learn postures, breathing methods and movement protocols that form the foundation of Qi Gong practice. The class assists the student to practice and use the diverse methods of Qi Gong to meet their individual goals and needs.
Matt Branstetter is a long time student and teacher of martial arts and meditation. He is a certified Qi Gong instructor through the Rising Lotus Qi Gong and completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Amanda McMaine in 2010, and recently returned from a month-long trip to India. He was also the moderator of our first ever Holistic Health Panel here at Centered in Lexington, KY.
Matt is a licensed massage therapist (LMT). He is the Chair of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Saint Catharine College where he teaches, among other classes, Ecospirituality and the Philosophy of Embodiment. He believes his classes at St. Catharine allow students to “experience the possibilities of service and how easy it is to get involved and the great need to get involved in that way.” Matt talks about his passions, including his recent homelessness course at St. Catharine College, in the video below.

“Classes that engage the whole student, not just mind, not just intellectual recall, but get them engaged, meeting people, interacting with people, embodying what they learned in a context larger than a classroom… I feel like those are the classes that lead to a personal transformation in the student.” – Matthew Branstetter