Mindful Movement with Shayne Wigglesworth

Mindful Movement with Shayne Wigglesworth
2 Workshops

Creating Stability in your Shoulder Girdle
Join Shayne Wigglesworth for a 2 hour workshop focusing on creating stability within your shoulder girdle. You will be guided through sequences that help synchronize the movements of your shoulders and allow you to reach taller. This freedom will relax areas of tension, stuck stress, and tightness within your shoulder girdle. You will feel the benefits in your entire upper body; shoulders, neck, upper back, and ribcage. If you have frozen shoulder, had shoulder surgery, neck pain, stiffness, or upper back tension, this workshop is for you! Shayne will guide you through the sequences and assure you are using proper form and technique. If you have attended one of Shayne’s previous upper body workshops, don’t let this keep you away! We will be working with some new moves that have not been taught at previous workshops. The moves used in class can be easily performed at home on your own.
Soft Foam Rollers will be provided for use during the workshop.
Wear comfortable clothes to move in and bring your water bottle.
Workshop fee: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

If you are interested in registering for both workshops at MBS (Shoulder Girdle and Psoas) on this day, cost will be $40 for early registration and $50 at the door.
Pre-registration is required through Shayne. Please email at kshaynew@gmail.com.

Diving into the Psoas

A healthy Psoas muscle is essential in order to achieve a balanced and organized body. This 16in long muscle plays a major roll in walking and transferring weight through the core and into the base, the legs and feet. It also gives us the stability we need in order to create and step into our potential in the world! The psoas, our filet mignon, absorbs the stress of the body; mental, emotional, and physical. Join, Shayne Wigglesworth, for a 2 hour workshop, to help energize an exhausted psoas. We will play with various tools, stimulate our feet, and slow floor movements. All of these practices combined will help you alleviate mental and emotional stress as well as physical pain in the body. This workshop is great for people suffering from PTSD, low back pain, PMS, and any other symptoms affecting the hips, pelvis, or legs.
All tools: soft foam rollers, balls, and foot rollers will be provided for use during workshop.

Pre-registration is required through Shayne at kshaynew@gmail.com
Workshop fee:
$25 in advance and $30 at the door.

If attending both workshops (Shoulder Girdle and Psoas) at Mind Body Studio, workshop fee will be $40 for both via early registration or $50 at the door.