Tango Milonguero with Michael and Julie

Tango Milonguero with Michael Wizer and Julie Barnett
From Cincinnati’s Tango Northside
Saturday, May 5th
Class 7:30-9:00 followed by Practica 9:00-10:30
$20 for class + practica ($5 for practica alone)
Tango Milonguero: Build Your Dance

There are four main aspects of tango for social dancers: hearing and feeling the music; making a good connection with your partner; navigating the dance floor; and developing a rich, adaptive, and expressive vocabulary of movement.
Every Tango Northside class includes these components.

In this class, we will focus on a particular song and orquesta. We will develop our walk.
We will underscore some basic principles in the flexible embrace and develop our in-place dance in “little bites” while playing with musicality.
Michael and Julie met 11 years ago at a tango practica. Michael has been studying, dancing, and teaching tango for more than 25 years. He had an instrumental role in establishing dance communities in Pittsburgh, Lexington, and Cincinnati. Julie has been studying and dancing tango for more than 15 years and started teaching more than five years ago. A year ago, Michael and Julie started a new dance scene in Cincinnati, Tango Northside. Find out about their classes and events from our website: tangonorthside.com