Qigong Basics Workshop with Jim Concotelli

Qigong Basics Workshop with Jim Concotelli
February 1, 2010
10AM-12 Noon
Qigong is an ancient Taoist health practice
. It includes gentle range of motion movements combined with breathing techniques, a mindfulness focus and imagery designed to activate the body’s natural healing energy. This class will provide an overview of the principles of qigong, movements and meditations designed to enhance overall well-being.

Jim Concotelli
has a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Kentucky with an emphasis in gerontology and wellness. He has developed award-winning mind/body wellness programs that are currently active in thousands of senior retirement communities across the country. Jim traveled to China to study traditional longevity practices and is certified by the Chinese Healing Arts Center.

Cost $15
For questions and to pre-register contact Jim at livingwiseandwell@gmail.com