Offering integrative medicine consultations and experiential health and wellness education to help you mobilize your natural healing ability by integrating mind, body, spirit and our relationship with each other and the earth


MBSR and yoga classes are now returning to in-person.
COVID vaccination and boosters highly recommended but not required.
Masking optional.
Wednesday night drop-in is still on Zoom.
Class descriptions are viewable from the drop down menu under CLASSES
They include

1) Weekly Wednesday evening class- Mindfulness and Relaxation for Health
2) Saturday December 3rd RETREAT CLASS and
3) The 8 week MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION (MBSR) course on Mondays beginning October 3rd
4) Iyengar yoga with Kim Blitch on Thursday evenings

and BE KIND- John

The Mind Body Studio is a wellness and health education service of family practice physician John A. Patterson MD, MSPH, FAAFP

homepage-portfolio-group2Preventive and Behavioral

Acute and chronic illnesses are often the result of longstanding unhealthy behaviors and habits (physical, mental and emotional), compounded by stress. Our preventive, behavioral approach can help you cultivate healthy behaviors and habits and manage stress skillfully.


Mind-body skills can help promote health, prevent disease and manage stress. They may also provide safe, effective and affordable relief of chronic conditions that are often poorly controlled by conventional medicine alone. Tailored to your personal needs, we can help you develop these mind-body skills and integrate them with your conventional care.

Holistic medicine honors and supports your wholeness- physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and ecological. Regardless of your health condition, there is always more right with you than wrong with you. We help you mobilize your innate healing resources to maintain or regain your sense of balance and wholeness.


We provide group classes and workshops, as well as individual consultations and coaching to help you meet your health and wellness needs based on the integration of mind, body, spirit, and our relationship with each other and the natural world.


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