John’s Practice Philosphy

As a physician, I believe these concepts are very important.

  • Partnership between physician and patient is critical to developing unique approaches customized to your individual needs and preferences.
  • I work with you to guide your path to better health as you make choices about your health habits and behaviors.
  • Self-care is as important as, and often more important than, physician prescribed treatments.
  • In addition to diagnosing and treating, my job is to educate, coach and support.
  • Your job is to commit to self-examination, increased self-awareness and healthy behavior change (or recommitting to healthy behaviors already in place).
  • I can help you write your own Self Care Prescription, using behavioral approaches that have been shown to be safe and effective for your condition.
  • I recommend that your Self Care Prescription include a commitment to “food as medicine” (healthy nutrition), at least one active physical activity, at least one reflective or contemplative activity, and keeping a journal or diary related to one or more of the following: health, emotions, spirituality or dreams.
  • Referrals and second opinions are an important part of my helping guarantee you have expert advice from several sources on which to base your decisions regarding which recommendations are right for you.
  • These referrals and second opinions would ideally come first from those consultants whose approach supports your natural inner healing system- including those who offer massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, tai chi and other body-based or movement-related approaches.
  • Other consultants I might recommend would include: psychological or pastoral counselors, physical and occupational therapists and physicians with a special interest in supplements, vitamins and herbs.
  • Over the counter natural products and drugs may also be helpful.
  • Prescription medications might be recommended if the above haven’t helped sufficiently.
  • Surgery (emphasizing minimally invasive), radiation therapy and chemotherapy may all be options for serious, disabling or life threatening conditions.