Iyengar Yoga with Kim Blitch, CIYT, C-IAYT

Iyengar Yoga with Kim Blitch, CIYT, C-IAYT

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The information below will be revised when we all return to in-person events

8 Week Spring Session 2020 CANCELLED
March 2- April 30
(No class the week of March 30-April 3)
Mondays 4:00pm-5:00pm Chair Yoga
Mondays 6:00pm-7:15pm Introductory (March 2,9,16,23)
Tuesday’s 5:30pm-6:45pm Level 1
Thursday’s 9:30am-10:45am Gentle
Thursday 6-7:15 introductory (April 9,16,23,30)
Workshop February 29th
Iyengar Yoga for Healthy Hips
Workshop March 21st
Detox with Twist
Kim Iyengar
Class Description
The progressive 8 week course is designed to bring a gradual activation of the body. With regular practice, you will notice improvements in your physical and mental health. The physical postures (asanas) taught in class work to maintain all systems of the body in good health; digestive, respiratory, circulatory, glandular, muscular, skeletal, excretory, reproductive, lymphatic, and nervous system. Wow! What other physical discipline can do that? And, it is available to All students. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga. Come experience for yourself the benefits that a yoga practice will give you.
If you are interested in beginning a yoga practice, this is the place to start! The Beginner class is taught from absolute scratch. There is no level of fitness, flexibility or experience required AT ALL. Age is also no barrier. The session is a progressive and systematic curriculum which sees you progress weekly and build on your understanding and skill, one class at a time. Even if you have a little experience or have practiced another style of yoga, you will benefit from attending the Beginner class.
For those who wish to begin or sustain a yoga practice at a slower pace. Ideal for those who need extra time getting into and out of poses. The class focuses on working with proper alignment, balance, increasing mobility, stamina and strength. Props will be used to facilitate balance, promote flexibility, and increase confidence. Sequences of poses will foster a greater sense of mental clarity and well-being.
Level One
This class is appropriate for students who have completed 2- 8 week sessions of the Beginner classes of Iyengar Yoga. Further refinement of the introductory poses will be taught and intermediate poses will be introduced when appropriate.
Chair Yoga
The class is ideal for students who cannot stand for long periods of time or who cannot work on a floor mat. All poses are taught with a chair for balance or performed seated. Chairs, walls and other props are used during class to provide additional support.

8 Week Session Price
Spring session $95
$5 discount when payment is cash or check

Workshop February 29th
9:00am-12:00 noon
Iyengar Yoga for Healthy Hips
We take a gentle approach to increasing freedom, movement and stability of the hip joints. Modern lifestyles have led to tightness and weakness in the hips. Healthy hips are not just mobile, but also stable and strong, supporting connections to the legs, torso and spine.
Workshop March 21st
Iyengar Yoga Spring Detox Workshop
Cleanse and Refresh with Twist
Sign up for this workshop and experience the many benefits of practicing twist. The squeeze and soak effect of twisting poses benefit the body by wringing out toxins, revitalizing the organs, stimulating digestion, relieving backache and reducing stress.
Suitable for all levels but not recommended during pregnancy.
“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”
B.K.S. Iyengar
For Workshops
Space is limited. Reserve your spot by registering online at www.iyengarlex.com
$30 current students
$50 all others
Props are provided at the studio
Pre-registration required

e-mail Kim at kbblitch@yahoo.com or visit iyengarlex.com
Contact Kim @ 859-230-2510
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