Making Appointments

First, it is important that you read John’s Practice Philosophy and are comfortable with it.
Ask yourself, “Am I prepared to look honestly at my lifestyle behaviors?” “Am I ready to take responsibility for my daily choices and habits and become actively engaged in moving them in the direction of health?”

A review of your medical record is often a good starting point, especially if there is a complicated medical history. This review can take place even before we first meet, expediting our time together.

You may wish to make an individual appointment or be seen as part of a group visit (also called “shared medical appointment”), a newer way for physicians and patients to work together. Group visits are less expensive and especially helpful in supporting changes in health habits and behaviors.

If you wish, I can send a consultation letter to your personal physician summarizing our appointment, my recommendations and steps you plan to take.

Regarding Insurance
I can provide you with a receipt which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
To increase the likelihood that your insurance will cover the visit to an out-of-network provider, consider these points-
1- Contact your insurance company in advance and ask if you can be reimbursed for a physician consultation for stress management using mind-body medicine. Ask if you need to get pre-authorization or need a formal referral from your physician or a prescription. Ask how many visits are covered and what your out-of-pocket responsibility is.
2- File an appeal if your insurance company rejects your request or fails to reimburse you after you have made payment. Ask your physician for a letter supporting the appropriateness and medical necessity of your mind-body medicine visits. I can also provide you with articles from the medical literature documenting the usefulness of mind-body medical approaches for your condition.
3- Consider setting up a Flexible Spending Account or a Health Savings Account through your employer if mind-body medicine is considered a qualified medical expense.

A sliding fee scale is used for those with no insurance.
Full charge is $150 per hour. Those with financial need may give themselves a discount.

Sensitive Examinations

Consultations will focus primarily on your health and medical history, a review of relevant medical records and very limited examinations and procedures. If highly sensitive examinations are necessary, it is necessary that you bring a chaperone.