Tango weekend with Tate and Karen!

“…live fully, love freely, laugh out loud….”
these words can express the approach of Tate and Karen to tango and life, and
they are coming back to help our community to grow in all aspects of tango!

Join us for the Tango weekend with Tate Di Chiazza and Karen Jaffe!

October 7, Saturday
7pm – 8:15 pm, Workshop 1 “Connection!
How to co-create and establish a fluid dialogue where two form one. Small movements, BIG SENSATIONS.
8:30 – 11:30 pm, Milonga!
October 8, Sunday
1 pm – 2:30 pm, Workshop 2 “Have fun with Milonga!”
Rediscover this happy and playful rhythm while acquiring new elements that will make our dance a better experience. We will explore this rhythm and its character.
2:45 pm – 4:15 pm, Workshop 3 “Waltz, turning in both directions
The waltz and its cadence will determine our movements when dancing, however we can agree on something: the waltz invites us to turn, don’t you think? We will understand the rhythmic and physical possibilities of the famous TURNS.
Workshop 1 – $20
Milonga – $15
Saturday night (Workshop 1 + milonga) – $30
Workshop 2 – $25
Workshop 3 – $25
SAVE with All Weekend Pass: $75
to be paid before September 30th with Venmo to Karen Jaffe, or you may write a check to the name of Karen Jaffe and pass it to Nataliya or John before September 30th!
If you haven’t met Tate and Karen before, you surely need to, but here are some highlights.

Tate Di Chiazza, is an international artist visiting from Buenos Aires. Since his teens he has studied with masters, worked teaching and performing Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, including long running classes at the most popular tango club “La Viruta”. Tate has and continues to travel extensively, around the world with Tango both as an instructor and performer (just getting back from summer tour in Germany). He also plays the very challenging instrument unique to Argentina Tango – the bandoneon.

Karen Jaffe lives near Asheville, NC. In her 25+ years of Tango she has supported dancers and communities through offering countless classes and social dances. She travels extensively to continue her own education and to teach, DJ and perform. Karen is known for her skilled, engaging, and musical dancing in both roles, and for her easygoing, fun and playful energy.

Together Tate and Karen have over 50 years of experience dancing, teaching and performing Argentine Tango!

We are looking forward to the exciting weekend with
you, Tate and Karen!
P.S. Check out also the upcoming series of Argentine Tango classes that starts on October 13th, and the first class of the series will be taught by Tate and Karen!