For Teachers, Students and Parents

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Emotions
Practical Self-Care Skills for Teachers, Students and Parents
Based on mind-body medicine, social-emotional learning and contemplative teaching

Teachers, students and parents learn to
Promote resilience, manage stress, prevent burnout and cultivate compassion

Teachers learn to-
Manage the stress of teaching
Prevent job burnout
Model healthful behaviors for your students
Reclaim the joy and passion for teaching as a career

Parents learn to-
Manage the stress of parenting
Prevent burnout from parenting and caregiving
Model healthful behaviors for your children
Reclaim the joy and passion of parenting

Students learn to
Develop an enhanced self image
Acquire healthy stress management habits
Learn self care approaches to common mental, emotional and physical health complaints
Assist in prevention and cessation of substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs
Shift daily habits toward increased physical activity and healthy

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